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I see swing sets at my local "big box" store for less. Why should I pay more for a King's Playset?

If price is your main concern, then yes. you should purchase the cheapest product. However, if QUALITY, SAFETY, AESTHETICS, and DURABILITY are at least equal if not HIGHER factors, then you should do your diligence and consider King’s Playsets. Our products are SOLID wood construction, not pressed wood, not laminated wood, not particle board, and not cheap thin (rustable) metal. This translates into a long lasting, HIGH quality hand crafted product. We all know sometimes quality suffers when products are mass produced on an assembly line floor. Why take a chance on allowing your children or grandchildren to play on something that was “mass produced”. 

Custom built... That means higher priced, right?

Yes and No. It can mean high priced, but it can also mean a better product for you at a competitive price. King’s Playsets has a range of “standard” styled play systems at different price points. King’s Playsets also offer a fantastic Rent-to-Own program that allows us to offer these play systems at monthly payments to fit ANY budget. 

Customizable? What does that mean?

It means two things. One, we have our “standard” King’s PlaySets models. Within these base model templates you have the ability to change out whatever accessories to fit your family or commercial needs. For example, many of our models come standard with two swings, one trapeze bar and a glider/push-pull swing. You can switch out any of those for a baby swing or soft grip swings. Or add a tire swing, picnic table or climbing rock wall.

Secondly, you can customize your own playset by bringing us your own design or ideas. We add our expertise and help you customize the best playset for your family or commercial situation. 

Can you ship it and I put it together myself?

No. King’s Playsets are NOT shipped unassembled or in boxes. We build each playset by hand on our production floor. It is crafted, stained or painted, then assembled. We then ship (on our specially designed trailer) the fully assembled playset with our installation crew to your site and install it. When we quote you a price, delivery and installation aren’t separate. They are included in our prices to you. 

Can you deliver my playset to me and I install it myself or hire someone local to install it for me?

Yes, most anything is possible. But in reality, why would you want to do this? King’s Playsets delivers your playset on our own specially designed trailers. Our trained installers are there at the same time WITH your playset WITH all the equipment needed to install your Playset. Why hire and pay someone else? The installation service is included in the price of the Play System. When we leave your Playset is READY to play on right then. Why wait for someone else to come and install it?

How long will it take to install my playset?

It depends on two things: the path we have to take to get to the installation site and the size of the King’s PlaySets you purchased. Of course if the route to your installation site is flat, level and encumbrance (trees/powerlines/fences/ravines, etc.) free; then that will take less time than a rocky, sloping, hilly, route. Once there at the installation site: our smaller systems take about 30-90 mins. Our larger Playsets can take up to 3 hours. Generally, 80% of our installs take 1-3 hours once we arrive. 

Is there a weight limit on your playset?

No. We are full grown adults and we play on them. We take our King’s PlaySets to shows and fairs and set them up for kids of all ages to play on them. However, if you are trying to set the fraternity house record with most guys on one swing set, then yes, you might reach the weight limit. If you use reasonable common sense King’s Playsets Systems are quite sturdy and durable. A group of children can play on our systems happily and SAFELY!

Do I need to have a special "ground surface" for under my playset?

No, you don’t. Our systems will install on grass, sand, dirt, rubber mulch, wood mulch, etc. They will even install on GENTLY, SLIGHTLY sloping terrain. If you live on a rock or on the side of a cliff, we won’t say it’s impossible, but we may have to be overly creative in our installation approach.

How much space do I need?

Generally an area of about 25 feet wide x 25 feet long x 15 feet high is sufficient. However on each our individual King’s Playsets we include a diagram of the exact space needed. Some systems will need more space (our Dream Harbor) or clearance (our Pirate Ship). Some may need less. 

Ok, I am sold. How long until I receive my playset?

We try to fulfill orders within 2-3 weeks from date of purchase or down payment. However, in slower times or special circumstances, we may be able to get that down to a week. In busier times, such as holidays and spring time, 3-4 weeks is probably a good rule of thumb. Also, if it’s been recently rainy, this may add a time delay as we don’t want and YOU don’t want us driving over a soft lawn to install your King’s Playsets.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the contiguous United States. Alaska on a case by case basis. Hawaii? Sorry, we don’t have a specially designed boat yet to make the trip.

What type of wood do you use and why?

Southern Yellow Pine. We use a Grade 1 pine that is specially milled, rounded, sanded and delivered directly to us from the mill. You are NOT able to purchase the quality of wood we use at your local hardware store. We use pine because it’s APPROVED, STRONG, DURABLE and SAFE for kids versus many types of treated wood products.

How long will Southern Yellow Pine last and will it splinter?

The wood is rated to last for 30 years. We highly recommend regular maintenance. Meaning every 18 – 24 months re-sanding (if needed) and re-sealing to avoid degradation. Proper maintenance (sanding and sealing) will prevent splinters from occurring. We do offer a regular service plan to assist you with this. 

What is the difference between what you use and the cedar or redwood playsets I see elsewhere?

MANY things. First, cedar and redwood are usually more expensive. There is more of a “manufacturing process” that goes into making cedar planks (which equals higher cost) and TRUE Redwood is a precious wood fiber (which equals higher cost). Cedar planks are more of a composite board. The typical consumer isn’t able to buy a true 100% cedar board. Generally, you see cedar planks offered in a kit. These are composite pressed wood planks — which usually negatively impacts the natural strength and durability. In order to provide the most durable products we use the most durable products. Which is why we use 100% Southern Yellow Pine.

Simply put, the majority of houses are built with structurally sound and strong PINE not cedar and not redwood. We are able to build the large structurally sound Playsets (like our Pirate Ship, Tractor, or Hero’s Castle) because we use PINE and not cedar or redwood. 

What if i move? Can my playset go with me?

Yes. We offer a moving service to assist you if and when you need to relocate. We are familiar with how your Playset is put together and have the right moving equipment so it doesn’t get damaged in transport. And most likely we are MUCH lower than you contacting a moving company to disassemble, use space on their trucks or trailer, transport and re-assemble. Contact us, we are absolutely able to assist you!

Why should I purchase my playset from you?

We could ask the rhetorical…well why WOULDN”T you purchase from us? But we realize it comes down to factors that are most important to YOU.

  • Safety – We use high quality materials. Our designs and plans are stable and safe. We have a long standing history in the industry with a proven safety record and reputation. See also our answer regarding our choice of building materials…Southern Yellow PINE.
  • Quality – Our products are “Amish Quality” products. Heirloom wooden products created by the best woodworkers in the business. King’s PlaySets are not mass produced or mass fabricated. We produce each one SPECIFICALLY for each customer. That doesn’t translate into a higher price to you, but rather a customized personal play system for your family.
  • Price – We aren’t the cheapest…and we are absolutely fine with that. King’s Playsets prefers to produce the BEST quality, safest, aesthetically pleasing play system possible. To us, that doesn’t mean the most expensive either. It means exceptional quality and service at a fair price and even more affordable monthly payment plans.
  • Service – King’s Playsets works with you to create the “perfect” play system for your family or commercial needs. You can ABSOLUTELY purchase our base models and be perfectly happy. But sometimes you might want just one or two things tweaked to get it JUST RIGHT FOR YOU. King’s Playsets understands that and works diligently to assist you from the first point of contact to even working with you AFTER the sale to ensure you and your family are happy, satisfied and enjoying your King’s PlaySet.
  • Warranty – 10 years. You won’t and CAN’T get that from pre-packaged kits. And you probably won’t get that from your local road side playset manufacturer. King’s Playsets believes in playsets made to grow WITH your family. Not a playset that becomes obsolete, worn down, or plain ugly after just a season of use.  You can download our warranty by clicking here.

We believe in Kids. We believe in Play. And we believe in what PLAY does for Kids! – For MANY YEARS!

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