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The King’s Fortress is right out of medieval imaginations! This Pre-Owned Redwood Stained Fortress Playset with Blue Accessories is a 6ft x 8ft open design elevated platform with access to a 10ft Wave Slide and Wooden Ladder. The underneath area is enclosed and provides a quiet getaway area for brave knights, princes and princesses to call their own. It comes with 2 soft grip swings, 1 trapeze bar swing and plastic glider swing. 


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Typical Ages: 0 – 9 years old

Typical Space: 25’ x 25’

  • 6’x 8’ Elevated Platform – Solid Enclosure
  • Single Beam Swing Arm
  • 2 Soft Grip Swings
  • Trapeze Bar Swing
  • Plastic Glider Swing
  • 10′ Wave Slide
  • Wooden Ladder
  • Decked Lower Level
  • Telescope
  • Steering Wheel